Available courses

Despite horrifying statistics about our healthcare system – unnecessary deaths, medical bankruptcy, and more – people are rarely moved to action by data. We are moved to action when our experiences with the healthcare system violate our most basic values of what is fair and moral, and when we believe we can win change. Your most compelling story for inspiring others to act is your own story, which cannot be found in a research report or a spreadsheet. This training will introduce participants to some of the research about the importance of storytelling for organizing work, and walk you through the process of developing your own story using a model developed by Marshall Gantz.

This training will go over the healthcare crisis in the United States, misconceptions about our high healthcare costs, and single payer policy, equipping you to answer questions from legislators, coalition partners, and the public. It will also take you step-by-step through researching healthcare policy in your own state, after which you have the option of using that research to create flyers and other informational materials about single payer for your local use.

The goal of this training is to provide you with all of the tools you need to develop a strategic, grassroots campaign to move your legislator on single-payer healthcare (or any other issue). The training has three steps: 1) learn to score your legislators and choose a priority target; 2) create a power map of the power relationships between you and your legislator; and finally 3) develop a campaign of escalating tactics that use the grassroots power you have to move your legislator.